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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jaz on TV in #UTAH!! (Wed. Aug. 15th)


Jasmine's new trick video is going to be featured on TV in UTAH tomorrow!!  (Wed. Aug. 15th)

It's on a show called "Good Things Utah", and it airs around 10:00 am on ABC- channel 4.  So all our Utah friends- keep an eye out for Jasmine!!  :)

For the rest of us, I think they're going to put it up on their website.  I'll let you know for sure!

They are going to show the new video which shows Jaz doing the laundry!  (Well, taking clothes out of the dryer!)  Once she learns to fold them, and put them away, then I'll be in really good shape!!  ;)   (Hey- I can dream, can't I??)  ;)

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