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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Doggy Body Language

This is spot on!!

If you ever wished your dogs could talk to you... they can.  You just need to learn to speak their language!  

Jasmine's favorite pose is the "Hello, I love you" greeting stretch when I come home from work.  We run around a while.  (She has a squeaky bone in her mouth, and wants to be chased.)  (See "Overjoyed/ wiggly")  Then once she's run several laps around the coffee table, then it's time for the "I love you, don't stop" scratch.
Great chart.  This was made by Lili Chin.   http://doggiedrawings.net/


  1. Hmm. The cat's poster is smaller. You annoy me, I'm sleeping. Pet me. Feed me. More scritches!!!
    Hmm. We have scritches in common.

  2. So cute! My dog does that stretch/bow move a lot, I never realized it was a greeting behavior. Makes sense, though, she usually does it the first time she sees me in the morning, and when I get up from my desk during the day. Neat!