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Monday, June 25, 2012

BlogPaws' Red Carpet Award Ceremony

Photo credit:  Rebecka Jeffs

On the last night of BlogPaws, they had a formal banquet and awards ceremony.  This was so much fun!
We all had a chance to walk down the red carpet, and get our pictures taken. 
Jasmine and I spent most of the conference hanging out with my friend Lauren and her trick dog Paige!   
 This is my friend Rick- (who works for Natural Balance). The picture unfortunately turned out blurry, so you can't really see his dog Sheldon (a black standard poodle).  He's in the picture too!

Photo credit: Rebecka Jeffs
This is my friend Diane Silver and her Havanese named Cosmo!!  We were in the Havanese Club!  :)  (I just made that up!)  But as far as I know- Jasmine and Cosmo were the only 2 Havanese at BlogPaws!

 After a delicious dinner, they had an awards ceremony.  Jasmine was nominated for "Best Video" for her "Santa Paws- Santa's Little Helper" movie!  But I honestly didn't think she was going to win, considering who the other nominees were!

Photo credit: Rebecka Jeffs
So I was shocked when they said My Favorite Pup Jasmine was the winner!  I had to go up on stage and give an acceptance speech.  (Which I was completely unprepared for!)  I didn't know what to say!   And I actually can't even remember what I said.  I'm hoping it including the words "Thank You."  LOL  I was shaking when I first walked off the stage... (because that kind of stuff makes me nervous!)  But once I was breathing normally again, we had a good time.  And it was a lot of fun.  The rest of the evening was just a party.  :)

Photo Credit: Rebecka Jeffs
This is Jasmine and her buddy Preston (from PrestonSpeaks.com).  (with Lauren and Paige in the back!)

Now THIS was a cute puppy!!

Cue Music!  Everybody Dance Now!

It was great meeting up with everyone!  It felt like a reunion, even though we had never met before!  (We had only known each other online!)
Jaz was SOOOO tired at the end of the night.  Trick shows, award shows, classes, interviews, pictures...
 It's hard work being this cute!!  (Actually we were both pretty tired after this pet convention!)  But wow, what an experience!  It was awesome!!!  :)


  1. I LOVE all these pics! Do you mind if I take the one of us and put it on my blog post? I was trying to look for a pic of us at the conference with us and the dogs. The one at the top with Jasmine is my all-time favorite photo of her!!

    1. Go for it. You can use any of the pictures you want. The one of all 4 of us is on "By Becka" 's Facebook Page- under BlogPaws.. https://www.facebook.com/photographybybecka She said we can use them as long as we credit her and link back to her FB page. :)

  2. Great post and pics! It was sooo great to see you and Jaz again!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Cosmo Havanese

  3. Congratulations again on your award! Your speech was great!!!!

  4. Great post. Sounds like you had lots and lots of fun!

  5. Love the Photos!! It was nice to see you!

  6. What a great time! Hope to see you at Barkworld in October!!

  7. What a pleasure to spend time with you all... you are a pawtastic dog mom!

  8. Mom says it was so great to meet you and Jasmine at BlogPaws! She had a great time, even 'tho I wasn't there, bol!