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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blogpaws- w/ Tillman, the Skateboarding Bulldog

Photo Credit:  Becka Jeffs   
Lauren and I (as well as Paige and Jasmine) were really excited about our 1st time at BlogPaws!   We got there early on Thursday, checked into the hotel, and had to attend a meeting for all speakers.  (We were giving a presentation the next day about "The Power of YouTube".)

I was pretty impressed with the hotel!!  We stayed at the Sheraton SLC.  Having traveled a lot with Jasmine, I have stayed at a lot of hotels that claimed they were "pet-friendly".  (Which meant they technically allowed pets, but weren't real happy that you brought one.)
However, the Sheraton SLC was by far, THE MOST PET-FRIENDLY HOTEL I've ever stayed in!!
Photo Credit:  Becka Jeffs
It was crazy how warm and friendly they were to us!  (and our pets!)  (Now, granted we were there for a pet convention, so they knew we were coming!)  But I was still impressed with the set up!

We had a room on the first floor.  There was a sliding glass door that led out to a grassy courtyard in the middle of the hotel!  So when Jaz had to go to potty, it wasn't a big ordeal to get her from my room to the outdoors.  It was just like being at home.  It was SO NICE!!   So a big THUMBS UP from me to BlogPaws for the hotel selection!!

Opening night of the conference was pretty awesome!  I had seen the Natural Balance tour bus in the parking lot, so I knew these dogs were here somewhere!!  For the BlogPaws opening ceremonies, Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog, and Norman, the Scooter Dog showed off their stuff!

Photo Credit: Becka Jeffs
Photo Credit: Becka Jeffs
They're not kidding when they say Tillman loves to skate!!  Ron (his owner) had to take the board away from him at the end so Tillman wouldn't try to keep riding it!  

The rest of the night was just socializing and waiting for the rest of the BlogPaws guests arrive.  Here's one of our friends, Niqqi!!  (Who looks like a living teddy bear!)  Just adorable!
Photo Credit:  Becka Jeffs

Here's another one of our friends- Sheldon!  I know his dad Rick, but it was fun to meet Sheldon in person!  He's so soft!!!!  Very friendly and sweet!
 Here's a new friend we just met!  It's Zoey!  A beautiful white pitbull.  Such a friendly dog.  She was so great!!!  I just love that pittie smile!
 I have great news!!  I got to interview Tillman and Norman on camera!!  I'm going to be posting the videos in the future.  But rumor has it, there is going to be a Season 2 of "Who Let The Dogs Out"!!  (That's the TV show that Jasmine was on back in April.  Tillman was searching for America's Most Talented Dog.  Jaz came in 2nd place!) :)  We had a blast participating in the show- so we know how fun it will be for next season's contestants!  It's cool watching watching Tillman on all his adventures... traveling the country, searching for talented pets.  So I can't wait to see what the next season holds!  I'll keep you posted!!!

This is Norman and Jaz... posing for some photos!  Norman's such a goofy dog!  He likes to ham it up! He's fun to be around!
OK, speaking of people who like to ham it up... check it Eric.  (He's on the Natural Balance team.)  We were waiting to interview Tillman, and so he and Jaz decide to have a trick contest.  So- who do you think does this trick better??  ;)   He cracks me up!

By the way, all of the really good pics in this post were taken by Becka Jeffs- a very talented photographer who lives in Utah!  If you want to see her other BlogPaws pics, check out her Facebook Page!   https://www.facebook.com/photographybybecka  She was nice enough to let us share her great pics!
When it doubt, here's how you tell you took it:
  If the pic has a zombie dog with glowing green eyes, I took it!  ;)
If the pic is great quality, with artistic style, Becka took it.
Now you can tell the difference!!!  ;)

Also- if you want to see more cool pics from BlogPaws- here's our post about the Red Carpet Awards Ceremony on Sat. night!

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