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Monday, July 4, 2011

Discovery Channel appearance?

So... I got a phone call from the Discovery Channel! They might use some of Jasmine's videos in an upcoming show! So I took some new 'shopping dog' footage for them! There's a possibility that Jaz's part may end up getting cut by the end. But that's okay! It's cool that they're even considering her! Here's some of what they might be using:

I'll definitely keep you posted!! =D


  1. That is so very awesome! I sure hope this up and coming star dogger remembers little Kirby. Love this one TOO! She makes me laugh, especially the part where she runs into the parked buggies. One suggestion - such a pretty girl needs a pretty dress! Just saying.

    Also, I just changed my comment system to intense debate and you are the first to use it. Any problems? Anything you didn't care for? www.kirbythedorkie.com

  2. Aww...so cute!! Thats cool that they want to use her!!WTG