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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Almost to 1,000!

I just noticed Jasmine's YouTube channel is up to 992 subscribers! Woohoo! I wonder if we'll hit 1,000 this week!?

(I'm weird, but I like even numbers!) LOL

I've been working on putting together a new trick video. I got a friend to come over on Friday to videotape some footage for me. (THANKS MINDY!!) :D

Now I'm working on uploading, editing, etc.

I made the switch from my ancient PC to a newer Mac Laptop (that I barely know how to use!) The good news is: All my future Jasmine videos can be in HD. The bad news is: 1) I'm still learning how to use iMovie. 2) All my previous footage of Jasmine is on my hard-drive, but saved as a .wmv (Windows Movie Video or something... which is not compatible with my mac!) :( So I need to record new footage. But I guess that's ok. Jaz has been getting better with her tricks anyway... I might as well show off the latest! :)

Well that's all for now folks! As you know, Jasmine was on TV in Japan last month... and I'm hoping to have that video up in the next week or so! (My brother is editing it so it has English subtitles!) Woohoo! =) So keep an eye out for it on Jaz's YT channel! It will be there soon!! :)

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