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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jaz was on TV today!

Jaz was on TV today! (To my surprise!) I sent in this clip yesterday, and they sent me an email today at 2:40 pm saying that Jasmine was going to be on their show at 3:30 pm today! (Although, I didn't even see that email until 3:45 pm!!) Luckily, they have the clip posted online!!! =D Wow- things happen fast around here! Sometimes it's hard for me to keep up!! ;)

Here's the link in case that video doesn't work! http://bcove.me/xjg651cu


  1. You were on the Talking Box??? THAT is terrific!! Congratulations.

  2. Oh my gosh, CJ, I remember when you had just bought that shopping cart for Jasmine! This is the cutest video and the way the news gal laughed at the end is just what we did. It's great that they aired it on TV. You have done an amazing job training cute little Jasmine! Love, Blazer

  3. Jasmine is just so cute! I love that fluffy butt (tail)!!

  4. We saw this on FB - well done Jasmine!!! Your're such a clever girl, can we have your pawtograph please! Dex & Lou x

  5. Holy cow! Congrats to Jasmine!

    How are rehearsals going?