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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Auditions for Annie!

A local community theater is performing the musical "Annie" next month. I guess they had auditions for the role of Sandy last week, but nobody came! The newspaper ran an article about it, and how they were re-holding auditions this week! I debated whether to go down there. (Because they were asking for a sandy-colored dog, and as you know, Jasmine looks NOTHING like Sandy!) But I figured I might as well try! A gray/white dog is better than no dog at all! (Plus, I figured if tan dogs did show up, it would just be good practice for us auditioning!)

I was able to get the afternoon off from work, and go down to the audition. And there were a TON of sandy-colored dogs there!! (Probably close to 25 dogs!) We were #18 in line. But I figured we had driven all the way down there, we might as well stay and audition! Plus, it would be a good opportunity to meet the director in case there are other future plays with dogs in them! And then I found out there was a second dog part- for a "homeless dog"- that the dog catcher chases. And he catches the "homeless dog" instead of "Sandy". And the director said they would prefer a dog that didn't look like Sandy. So... that was promising! That was the one thing we had going for us!

It took a long time to get through all the applicants (a few hours), but it was enjoyable talking with everyone there. (Dog people are always fun to talk to!) :)

And finally, they called Jasmine's name. We were lead into the auditorium, onto the stage. We met the girl that was playing Annie. I talked to the director about Jaz. We did a few off-lead exercises. (Come, sit, stay) With me in off-stage in the wings, and Jaz with the director and "Annie". The girl walked Jaz around with the leash on. And that was about it! I told him that considering the # of tan dogs that turned out to play Sandy, that we would be fine with auditioning for the "homeless dog". So... we'll see!

I was looking at the schedule. If we get the part... the play would basically be my life for the entire month of June! While driving home, I contemplated if it was worth it for such a small role. (It's not something we'd get paid for- plus it's about 1/2 hour drive to get to the theater.) But in the end, I thought it would be fun. I love the music from Annie. (And there are 22 performances, so I'd better like the music!!) If we get offered the role, it would be an excellent opportunity for Jasmine to practice working in front of a live audience. (Thus far, we've only done commercial shoots and photo shoots... and those you can do over if you mess up.) Because of our volunteering at the hospital, she loves kids and is used to being pet by strangers. So she would really enjoy the socialization part of it. And it would just be fun to do something new. And to be a part of something special. (Being backstage, and being part of a performance is kind of exciting.) I love good theater, and I love watching Broadway shows. (Although some are better than others- so I want to support the good ones!) You can't get much better than a production of Annie. I'll drive home every night with those songs in my head!

And this dog is Chance! He played the part of "Sandy" over 7 years ago- the last time they did this show! (I'm betting he gets the part again!) He probably even remembers his lines! ... WOOF... Very good! =)


  1. I (Frankie Furter) was in a comm. Theater play once. It was a BLAST.
    One of our furends from So. Africa is actually doing the Sandy Pawt in the play that will be put on in two weeks.
    You will love it. Congratulations.

  2. How cool would that be for Jasmine! It sounds like a huge time commitment but oh such fun.

    Good luck, hope you are selected.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Very cute! My friend is currently fostering a Sandy look-alike! Here are photos: http://dogfoster.blogspot.com/2011/04/little-orphan-annie.html

  4. I lost my comment. It sounds like a fun idea. I never thought of theater with dogs, although I have worked backstage for years, even with kids. I think Bailey would enjoy it. Katy would be terrified.

    I hope you get the part.

  5. Oh I hopes dat you wins the part, Jasmine! You deserves it!


  6. I wish you and Jasmine lots of luck..Have a great weekend!

  7. I love to read the articles that you write C.J. I am so glad that Jaz got the part. If Chance gets the part again, I bet you are right...he remembers the lines! LOL You are too funny!