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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jasmine's Birthday/ This Is Your Life!

Jasmine's 7th Birthday was in December.  But because of the craziness of the holidays, I never got around to posting this!  I was trying to do a "This Is Your Life" post.  

I had no idea when I got this sweet little pup where this would all lead.  She has totally changed my life.  People ask me how we got into trick training all the time.   Basically, it just sort of happened.  When I got Jaz as a puppy, I read books about how to train dogs.  I wanted to teach her basic obedience (sit/stay/come) and go potty outside.  That was my main objective.  But she picked it up so fast, I had to come up with new things to teach her!!   It started with sit, stay, shake, roll over, and now has advanced to "push the shopping cart", and "get me a drink from the fridge!"  And we're constantly working on more.  So... that's how we got started into trick training.  We just learned together.
This is Jasmine at age 2.  (ish)  That Halloween she was a butterfly.
Jaz always cracked me up with how she sleeps.  She loves sleeping on her back.
After Jaz's first haircut.  LOL.  She's so expressive.  I think she felt naked!
Jasmine's 1st commerical- for Mighty Dog.
Cutie Pie
Jaz could never be a show dog.  She likes to get dirty.
Jasmine performed in a live production of "Annie"  (Along with "Sandy")  (a.k.a. Abbie)
Jaz's 1st experience Lure-Coursing.  She LOOOOVED it!
Waiting to do a phone interview for a TV show.  ("Right This Minute")
Contemplative Jaz.
Jaz got attacked in a park a few years ago.  (Bit by another dog)  She was not a happy camper.
When we were first learning/ practicing the shopping cart trick!
Jaz still likes to go under the couch.
Jaz was so tired after a long hike that I had to find a creative way to carry her.  
Jaz won a "Best Video" award at the BlogPaws convention!
Hanging w/ our best friends in the doggy world- Lauren and her trick dog Paige!
Jesse and Jasmine both live in AZ, and have the same talent agent.  So we get lots of opportunites to do stuff together!
Lauren and I were guest speakers at 2 pet social media conventions- talking about the "Power of YouTube" and "How To Make Your Dog A YouTube Rockstar".
Random photo shoot in the park.  I just like this pic...
This is one of my FAVORITE pics!!  My nephew and my dog.  SO CUTE!!
Jasmine and Jesse were both on "Good Morning Arizona"!
We started taking agility classes too.  Her eyebrows crack me up.
Weave poles
Jaz is not a morning dog.  She covers her eye when I turn the lights on.
We travel a lot.  Jaz is so good on the plane.  This is coming home from "Good Morning America".
"Dog Goes Shopping" is still Jasmine's most popular YouTube video- over  132,000 views.
Jasmine's trick videos have been shown all over the world- Japan, England, and Denmark.  (are the ones I know about!)
Lots of show will use Jasmine's trick videos, and use Skype interviews- like Anderson Cooper and "Right This Minute"
While others fly us out to perform live- like "Good Morning America" and "Who Let The Dogs Out".
Like I said, I had no idea when I got this sweet pup where this would all lead.  But it's been quite the fun adventure. Jaz is such a sweetheart.  She's funny, smart (a little too smart for her own good!), and loves everybody.  She doesn't care if we're doing tricks on TV or at the children's hospital as a therapy dog.  She just loves people, and more over LOVES treats!!  (She was clicker trained, using positive reinforcement.)

She's just a good natured dog, and I'm lucky to have her in my life.  Happy (belated) Birthday Jasmine!!!  :)  


  1. Happy Birthday JAzz!! I am glad to have a celebrity as my friend. Great work and keep the peeps smilin.....


  2. Oh I just loved this. Watching her grow up was so sweet. She is such a talented baby. I am glad to call her my friend.
    Wags and Happy Dec birthday to Jassmine!

  3. Happy Birthday Jaz!!! Love the photos, You are definitely Living the Dream. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful and caring Human. Hope you got cake...

  4. Happy Belated birthday to one of my bestest friends...I love Jasmine!
    Licks and sniffs from Auntie Jan

  5. Happy Birthday Jasmine!!! LOVE all the pics

  6. Super post Jaz...Your momz did you proud here...Happy belated barkday :)