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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who lives in Denmark?

Do any of our friends live in Denmark??

I just found out that Jasmine's "Dog Goes Shopping" video is going to be on TV there!

It's going to be on the Danish TV show "Klipfiskerne".  

I would love to get a copy of it, if anyone is able to record it and email it to me!

I don't know the date just yet... but it will be in the next few months... I'm waiting to hear back from the producers.

Here's the original video if you haven't seen it..

That's the extended version- with over 130,000 views.  (on YouTube)

But it's the short version that makes it on TV the most times:

That has been shown in England, Japan, and now Denmark.  (As well as all over the USA)

I only wish I had owned an HD camera when I originally recorded it.  Oh well.  It's still cute.

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