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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jasmine the Therapy Dog visits an elementary school!

Last Friday, Jasmine and I got to go to an elementary school and 
do a presentation for all the 3rd Grade classes!    
They had just finished reading the book "Rosie the Visiting Dog"- 
and then they got to meet a real life therapy dog! 
If Jasmine went to this school, I bet she'd be the teacher's pet!  ;)
Jasmine demonstrating her "Be Shy" trick.
Jasmine is showing her "Cowboy Trick" to all the kids.
After our trick demonstration, we had Q & A.  Then each kid got to pet Jasmine and received a card with her picture on it.  (The same ones we get from the hospital to pass out to the patients.)
Sure, I can get the dog to look at the camera.  
But how do you get all the kids to do the same?? 
 Beats me!

 We did this last year too, and had such a blast.  
It was so fun being invited back again this year!

I didn't get any video this year because my friend was unable to come.   But here's the video from last year's demo!  Maybe next year we'll get another video with the kids!

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