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Monday, October 15, 2012

Be on the look at for Norman at #BarkWorld to win @Naturalbalance Prizes!

So... the clock is ticking!

BarkWorld is just over a week away!

And I just found out something cool!  My friend Karen and her scooter-riding dog Norman are going to be there!!  (Norman is on the Natural Balance Pet Foods sports team!)

(Remember how Jaz and I were on the Animal Planet TV show "Who Let The Dogs Out" earlier this year?  Well, Karen and Norman were some of the judges!)

Norman is going to be performing at the Howl-o-ween party at BarkWorld on Thurs. Oct.25th!  (and a few other guest appearances through-out the conference!)  If you haven't seen him ride his scooter, this is something you won't want to miss!

The best part is ..... Natural Balance is going to be doing a promotion so that BarkWorld attendees can win some seriously great prizes!!

Here's all you have to do to enter:  (TOTALLY easy!)

STEP 1:  Write a blog post that mentions Natural Balance, Norman the Scooter Dog, and BarkWorld.  Then tweet the link to @NaturalBalance  (1 entry)
STEP 2:  Leave a comment here- telling me about your pet- his/her name, breed, etc.  And what your favorite dog trick is.  (Just to give me some ideas!)  (Extra entry)
STEP 3: When you're at Barkworld- Tweet to @NaturalBalance- every mention and RT is another chance to win!

And if you do that... here's the prizes!

1 GRAND PRIZE-  $500 for your favorite charity (must be a 501c3 non-profit.)  PLUS a year's worth of free dog or cat food!  (For either YOU, your blog readers, or your favorite charity.)  You get to pick.
2 FIRST PLACE PRIZES- 1 years worth of free dog or cat food.  (Again, for you, your readers, or your favorite charity.)

Jasmine won a 6 month's supply of Natural Balance dog food by getting 2nd place on "Who Let The Dogs Out".  (Not to mention a gigantic gift basket of treats!)  We're just barely getting through it!  (Of course I had to share with Jaz's friends!)

So- speaking from personal experience.... it's totally worth entering!!  :)

Even if you're not able to come to BarkWorld, you could still enter by writing an educational blogpost about BarkWorld, Natural Balance, and Norman the Scooter Dog!

Good Luck Everybody!!!  :)  :)

And to those of you going to BARKWORLD.... let the countdown begin!!!!  :)  :)

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  1. My dog Eddie is a Manchester Terrier/Jack Russell/Pug/Chi mix. 15 actual pounds but in his mind, so much bigger. He actually won a prize last year for his handstand (up against a wall). He loves doing it because he knows it gets him the most attention and the most treats! Here's a pic of him doing the handstand in his medal (and crunching on a carrot) http://www.flickr.com/photos/31403417@N00/6869976924/in/set-72157629438344076/