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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who Let The Dogs Out- part 1

I finally got the video uploaded of Jasmine's appearance on "Who Let The Dogs Out" (episode 3).

Jasmine I were invited to go to California to be part of the finale!! I was excited about this!!

I have a ton of pics that I need to upload! We had a blast!! There were a lot of talented dogs there! "Who Let The Dogs Out" is on every Saturday morning on Animal Planet! I think the finale airs on April 21st! Be sure to keep an eye out for Jasmine!! :D

Jaz is squinting because the sun is in her eyes!

Here's some of the tricks we did during the finale!!


  1. How cool Jasmine!! I need your pawgraph!!


  2. Jaz, you are amazing! Your career is about to go into orbit, I can feel it!

  3. Congratulations again on getting to go to the finale! That's pawsome!