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Friday, March 2, 2012

Tomorrow's Episode of #WhoLetTheDogsOut

Ever since Jasmine was picked to go to California for the finale of "Who Let The Dogs Out", I've been so excited! If you missed it, the show airs every Saturday morning on Animal Planet. Tillman and his friends are trying to find America's Most Talented Pet. Jasmine was on last week's episode. They were watching one of Jasmine's trick videos called "Canine Personal Assistant". Then they called me and invited us to come out to Cali to be in the finale. If you missed it, here's the part we were in!

Tomorrow is a new episode. And I've heard that possibly 3 of my other trick dog friends are going to be on this episode! Maybe more! Who knows?? I'm definitely recording it (plus watching it live!) I can't wait to see it!!! :D There's so many talented trick dogs across the country, and I love watching them all!! Should be awesome!! :D Here's a sneak peak of tomorrow's episode:

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