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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Monday, Dec. 5th is Jasmine's birthday! My sweet pup is 6 years old. It's crazy. Where does the time go? Who knew when I got this cute puppy 6 years ago how much she would change my life? And how she has helped me to grow and become a better person? And what amazing adventures we would have together?

I learned how to be a trick dog trainer! (Well, we learned together!) I got this puppy just to have as a pet in my home. She was my first dog as a "grown-up". I read books, and started teaching her basic obedience. But she was smart, and picked it up pretty fast. And then I had to come up with new things to teach her. And that's how my journey into trick-training began. Jasmine loves to learn. She loves the mental stimulation. (OK, I'll admit it, she loves good treats too!) She thinks with her stomach. And because she's so food-motivated, I was able to use positive reinforcement to teach her a whole lot of tricks! (She taught me a few too! She invented the suitcase trick, and the cowboy trick!) And all these funny little tricks have made her friends all over the world. And her videos have been on TV here in the USA, and in Japan and England. And she was in 2 commercials. (and has some projects in the works for next year!) Seriously, who knew? Who knew she had such potential? And who knew I had a hidden talent as a dog trainer? I've always loved animals. And I've always been patient, and optimistic. And those hidden talents allowed me to develop a visible talent as a trick dog trainer! So you never know what secret talents you have locked inside you... waiting for you to discover and develop. (This goes for me and Jaz!) :D

As I look back, and I'm just amazed at what this little dog has accomplished in just a few years...

Here's the oldest video I could find of her doing tricks:

But even then she was pretty decent! (In my opinion) I just didn't think to videotape her in the beginning, because I had no idea where this would all lead!

And look at her now! :D She's my canine personal assistant! :D

Happy Birthday to my favorite little pup. Jasmine. Jazzy. Jaz. Pup-Pup. Jazmataz.

I tell people the best thing about owning a canine celebrity is that she never lets it go to her heads. ;) She'll always be my little sweetheart.


  1. Thank you for sharing your sweet, smart, loveable little Jazmataz! I really like that name. It certainly suites her! I love you Jasmine, Auntie Ann and Cousin Daisy Oh! You said it doesn't go to her head. I think it goes to her tummy! Not only is she lots of fun for you, but she brings so much life and love to hospitals, and education to children. What a great dog and pawrent team!

  2. A very special Hap-pee Yap-pee Birthday to you Jasmine....our super duper furend! You were such a cute baby too!