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Friday, August 26, 2011


I think I'm going to start a new thing. "TRICK OF THE MONTH". This will motivate me to keep working with Jaz on new stuff! (She gets a lot of practice on the old stuff when we volunteer at the hospital.) Here's this month's new trick: Get the Mail!

I sent this one it to Letterman. So maybe we can get back to NY again with this one. Odds are they won't use the shopping cart trick, because they don't like to use tricks that are similar. And on the last show they had Norman the Briard pushing a scooter. And this next show, I know one of our friends is going, and her dog also does a trick with wheels. So... that's why I wanted to come up with something different! :) And... if they don't pick this one, well then we'll just keep trying! My friend Lauren (and her dog Paige) had to audition 3 x's before they were finally on the show! (She's my hero!) The secret to accomplishing your dreams: Just keep trying- and eventually it will happen. :)


  1. Oh how cute! She'll have to get packages out of the mailbox too. :o)

    Just luv that girl!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog-the mail box trick is great

    We use clicker training too, its how we got Bob to touch his toys with his nose, but he just doesnt seem to want to pick things up. We will keep working at it.

    Bob would definitely go in the mail box for Turkey, but he would probably knock it over first!

  3. Very cute! We agree, keep dreaming and trying and it will all come true!