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Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Mailbox Trick

This is still a work in progress.... but I just wanted to share our progress! This is Jasmine's latest trick! "Get the Mail". Since she is so food motivated, it was VERY easy to teach her to open the mailbox! I just put turkey inside! And now she can get the letters, so I just need to teach her to go close it! And then practice a lot to make it smooth! :)

I also need to figure out what to attach the mailbox to so that she doesn't tip it over when she puts her weight on it. (But yet, is still portable enough to take with us for trick shows.) Any ideas?

I'm still working on making a new trick video that has all her tricks on it- old and new. I've been re-filming them in HD. And then editing takes a long time! But I found a song I like! So that's 1/2 the battle right there! :D


  1. Very good, Jasmine! Now you just have to take out all the good stuff and learn to leave the bills in the mailbow! BOL

  2. Very nice Jazz!! You are always amazing us with your tricks!!


  3. Thats great! I always have a hard time getting dogs to pick things up in their mouths. I have trained my bulldog to go to a toy and touch it with his nose, but he wont pick it up! Im very impressed you got Jazz to do this, how did you get hr to pick the letters up

  4. Jaz only likes certain things in her mouth- so we had to use the waxy feeling envelopes instead of the paper kind. (like ones that you get credit card offers in!) When she was younger, she wouldn't pick anything up in her mouth... but now she's okay with it! I guess she's just maturing a little bit! :D