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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vacation Time!

This past week, I went on vacation!! :)

Sadly, my cute little puppy couldn't join me, but my roommate took good care of her! My first day away from home, my roommate sent me a text message that said:

"Jaz wouldn't sleep in my room. 6 am- she came in crying. I'm pretty sure she has abandonment issues! She was letting me know you missed curfew and I need to go find you. I tried to explain, but she watches the front door faithfully, waiting." Poor puppy!!

Pretty soon though, Jaz learned that if I'm not home, she can bend the rules! Like begging for steak from my roommate! We call this her "Jedi Mind Trick". She gives you this "look"... and although I am most times strong enough to resist... others aren't so lucky! ;)

While I was on vacation, I went to visit my family out of state. I got to spend some time with their dogs! My aunt has a cairn terrier named Mandy. And my cousins have a "schneagle" (a schnauzer/ beagle mix) named Sadie.

My little cousin has started teaching her puppy tricks too! I think it's awesome! Her dog is only 10 months old, and is already pretty talented!
Go clicker training! =)

I also got to go skiing while I was away. (One of my FAVORITE things to do!!) Of course I was fascinated when I caught a glimpse of this pup on the ski slopes! This lab was training to be a search and rescue dog! I was going down the slope and he was going up... so I didn't get a chance to talk to him. But it was pretty cool seeing them in action!
I would love to do something like that.
(Although Jaz would never go for that! She doesn't even like to go outside when it's raining!) ;)

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