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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award! :)

First of all-- THANK YOU so much to Lulu and Wally (http://www.lifewithlulu.com) for recommending us!!! :D The rules for accepting the award are to thank the person (or pups!) who gave you the award, share 7 things about yourself, link to 15 recently discovered bloggers, and contact them to tell them about the award.

7 things about me & Jasmine:

1. Jasmine and I just had our first agility competition last weekend! (which I was really excited about!) This is a whole new world for me, so we're still figuring it out! (especially the terminology!) But it's sure fun!! =) Jasmine got 3rd place twice, and got her first Q in P1 Jumpers! (See post below this for more details and the video!)

2. Jasmine ALWAYS sleeps upside down. (if she's completely relaxed.) And almost every night, she steals my pillow! (But then will more over to make room for me when I go to bed.)

3. Every day when I come home from work, it's the same greeting. Jaz greets me at the front door to say hi, then runs off to get a toy in her mouth. Then I am expected to chase her around the coffee table and couch for about 3-5 minutes. This game is called "Rah!" She remind me of an Arabian horse when we play this, because her tail is high in the air.

4. I just got asked to be a speaker at the BarkWorld Expo... which is quite an honor! And I get to bring Jaz!! =D http://www.barkworldexpo.com/ We're going to speaking about Jasmine's experience being a "working dog". (Commercials, photoshoots) And how it all came about because of social media! (Mainly YouTube and Facebook!)

5. Jasmine just got a new agent in California! (Top Dog Talent Agency) So she's now listed on the homepage of their website!! http://www.topdogtalentagency.com/

6. Jaz is clicker trained, and knows a ton of tricks and behaviors. And we go to a children's hospital every Friday to volunteer as a dog therapy team. We go room to room, and say hi to each of the kids. They get to pet her, and say hi. Then Jaz will start pawing me, which means it's time to start the trick show! (Because she wants her treats!) The kids absolutely love it. This is probably the highlight of what I do with Jaz. There is something about a dog that can bridge the gap between strangers.

7. I'm currently writing a book about all the valuable life lessons I have learned through my experience with Jasmine. A section of it is published every other month in the Havanese Breed magazine. (This was a good opportunity for me... because I've been wanting to write this book for a while, but when do you make the time?) So by having small, realistic deadlines and goals, it's helping me accomplish my much bigger goal! And pretty soon, I'll be able to combine it all together into a book! :) My style is somewhere in between two of my favorite authors: John Grogan (Marley & Me) and Mitch Album (Tuesdays with Morrie, Have A Little Faith).

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much! To be in someone's top 15 list of fave blogs is an honor which we take seriously! It means someone is reading!!

    Kirby says WOOF WOOF