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Friday, March 25, 2011

Semi-Finalist in OPIN's video contest!

LOL... this video always makes me laugh! It's called "Peanut Butter- one bite lasts all day!"

This is one of the videos I submitted to OPIN's video contest! (OPIN= Outreach to Pets In Need) And good news!! I just got an email that it was chosen as a semi-finalist!! So they are going to show it at their Pet Tail Video Awards Gala on April 15th! They listed it in the "Best Musical" category. (Which is humorous, considering it's not technically a musical!) But it does have music- and it was the perfect song choice for this video! ;) So that was sure exciting to be nominated!
All the proceeds benefit the Stamford Animal Shelter and Outreach to Pets In Need.
It's such a good cause, I encouraged all my doggy friends to submit videos. The more money they can raise- the more doggies get a chance to find their forever home. :)

So.. I looked up the other entries in the OPIN contest under our category. This one is awesome! Don't get me wrong, my peanut butter one is cute. But I'm still betting that this one wins in the "Best Musical" category. And I'm completely okay with it! I LOVE IT! The lyrics make me laugh! LOL!!! I would vote for it!!! =D

"Kittens are FLUFFY!!!" LOL


  1. LOVE your peanut butter video and the other one is pretty darn good too! Think we'll go write a song now... hee hee!
    Diane and Cosmo
    PS Thanks for stopping by on the Hop!

  2. Found you on the Blog Hop, and your site put a smile on my face. Jasmine's shopping video is too cute!!

  3. Hahaha! they are both really cute! totally different. love them both!