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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Runner- Up Prizes!

I got a voicemail from Mix 96.9 that told me Jaz was a runner-up in their Top Pet contest! =)
So after we stopped by the hospital to get pictures taken for our new volunteer ID badges (see post below), she went with me down to the radio station! She won a prize pack from Nutro.

In the bag was some coupons for dog food, a box of Greenies, a food scoop, some poop bags, and a collapsible water bowl (on a carribeaner!) Some great prizes!! We're going to share some of the food & treats to "Friends for Life"- a local non-profit that I really like. Jaz really was excited that we brought this kind of dog food home- she kept smelling it- trying to open it. So I'm going to try it out, and see if she likes it. And I'm super excited about the collapsible water bowl! I had been looking for one of those to take with me hiking, and to agility class. So that's perfect!! =)

THANK YOU to all my friends who helped Jaz be the runner-up in this contest!!! You guys rock!! =)

P.S. Here's proof that Jaz likes the new dog food she won! She's trying to use her "Jedi Mind Trick"! She looks at what she wants, looks at me, looks back at what she wants.... ;)


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