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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guess what I found at work? A Husky!!

One of my neighbors once called me the patron saint of lost animals. But it's not really a joke anymore! Guess what I found outside my office this morning? A husky!! (And a GORGEOUS one at that!!)

I know I had promised my roommate I wouldn't bring home any more strays for a while! We just barely found homes for the last ones! But I swear, they find me!! I'm like the pied piper for lost animals! This is the 3rd dog that I have found at the office alone! (Not to mention lost dogs I find on walks, or while driving.) But I figured it was okay to bring this cute guy home... because LUCKILY he was wearing a collar and had a 2010 license! :)

My boss was nice enough to let me leave work to take this pup home. (This has happened before!!) I called Animal Control and was able to get a phone # for the current owner. He stayed in my backyard for the day.

I wonder what Jaz thinks of all these lost dogs that wind up in her backyard! I don't ever let them mingle unless I'm there. (and even then, sometimes I don't.) Just because I don't know the lost dog's histories. But this guy was SUPER friendly. And I figured if he had a 2010 license, he was up-to-date on his shots.

I found out the original owner named this dog Hunter. He's a 1 1/2 year old male. VERY friendly, very loving, and very energetic! When they sold him, the new owner (a guy in his early 20's) renamed him Demon. LOL... yea right! That's like naming a black kitten Snowball!

I love this dog! I was secretly kind of hoping I wouldn't find the owner for a day or two! He was adorable!! And I just LOVE his face!! So pretty!!!

But at the end of the day, he was able to be reunited with his owner. So... happy news. =)

(But now I want to go to Alaska and ride on a dog sled!!) LOL
I already know I love sled dogs!!!

Maybe I'll have to settle for watching "Eight Below". ;)

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  1. I thought you worked at a dental office..? haha! How do all these dogs end up at the exact office that you work at? It is no longer a coincidence anymore. They truly are finding you for a reason! :) Well, in my opinion, they couldn't have found a better friend to ask for help from. ;) That husky is gorgeous! I'm so happy he has a tag and you were able to track his owners down. I'm sure they were thrilled. :) Love you!!