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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

One MILLION views on YouTube!! Whoa!

I have some pretty exciting news!  One of Jasmine's dog trick videos just reached a MILLION VIEWS on YouTube!!!  Whoa!!  That's weird to think about!  

I have had so many people from all over the world write to me on Jasmine's YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter account.  They told me how much they love Jasmine and how much her videos make them smile and laugh!

Who knew when I got that cute little puppy that she would end up with friends all over the world??  
And more so, who would have ever thought that I would have been able to do everything I have accompanying her?  I personally have no desire to be on TV, and yet because of Jaz, I've ended up traveling all over the country as her chauffeur!

 We were in New York performing live on Good Morning America. 

 We were in California- performing on Animal Planet's show "Who Let the Dog Out?"

We've done modeling photo shoots.

And been on the news and TV countless times, mainly here in the USA, but also as far away as  in Japan, Denmark and England!

 We auditioned for David Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks...

And for America's Got Talent (the current season, so I can't talk about it yet.)

It's been a wild, exciting adventure with this little dog!

Some of my favorite memories also involve being a therapy dog team.  We mainly visited a children's hospital on Fridays.  Because of HIPPA regulations, we weren't allowed to get pictures or video at the hospital, but Jasmine's picture hangs up in the hall there.  

But she also made a few appearances at schools, libraries, and nursing homes.  (And have some cute videos to remember those visits by!)

It seriously blows my mind to think about this.  One little dog ended up completely changing the course of my life!  (and for the better.)

This all started when I created a YouTube channel showing Jasmine's dog tricks.  I did it so I could show my Grandma (who lived in Utah) all the fun tricks my dog had learned.  But apparently a few other people liked her dog tricks too!  ;)

Because here's her most popular video that just hit one million views:

The best thing about owning a canine celebrity is that they never let it go to their head!  ;)  


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I will share the video on fb and ask everyone to share it as well. We have to get started on TWO MILLION! The two of you, CJ and Jasmine, are worth MANY MILLIONS! Thank you for all the smiles y'all have brought me over the years, and for being my friend...a very good friend. <3 <3 <3 Ann (Daisy would thank you too.)

  2. You DEFINITELY deserve ALL of the accolades you have received!!!!!! Jasmine is amazing and you have done a brilliant job training her! She is a one in a million dog! Congrats on one million views! DakotasDen

  3. We are so happy for you and your HUGE success! Your videos always put the CatMom in a great mood.

  4. Jasmine is certainly one talented little pup! I'm so glad she is doing things to make people smile, especially going to hospitals, etc. to cheer up the little children. She's adorable!