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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Office Dog


Wanted:  a friendly, out-going, hard-working office assistant.  Applicants can apply within.  

I don't know how you could possibly outshine this candidate?!  It sounds like most "want ads" just need a good dog!!  ;)

Jasmine LOVES to go with me everywhere.  So this time she accompanied me to the office!  

June 24, 2016 is Take Your Dog to Work Day!  Better start practicing!  ;)   Take Your Dog To Work Day takes on a whole new meaning when Jasmine comes along!

No matter where Jaz goes, she is greeted by smiles and grins.  She still LOVES to do tricks, and so I make little YouTube videos because it's fun for her.  And I do it to inspire others to work with their dogs.  

I encourage relationship-based training using positive reinforcement.  I believe dogs are family.  And we train our children to be polite and have good manners.  So it's equally as important to spend that time with your dog to do the same.  I think this promotes life-time acceptance and a positive relationship with animals.

Tricks are just a bonus on top of that.  It just develops the bond you already have with your dog.  I didn't start out teaching Jaz tricks.  I was just trying to teach basic obedience (Sit, stay, etc.)  But she picked it up really fast, and loved to learn.  So I had to come up with new things to teach her!

Jasmine was trained using positive reinforcement.  (Her favorite reward is treats.)    And if you know Jaz, you'll know that she LOVES to do her tricks.  If you walk into our house, she'll lead you over to the treat counter and start doing some tricks to get you to give her a cookie!  She's sneaky that way!  

Thanks for watching!  And now get offline and go spend some time with YOUR favorite pup!  :)

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