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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Help My Dog Meet The Muppets!

CONFESSION TIME:  I have been a lifelong fan of the Muppets.   My favorite is Kermit, because I can relate to him the most.

I am also a fan of Lindsey Sterling.  She found success through YouTube, so she's an inspiration to me!  (She's also from Arizona like me.)  And I knew about her before she got famous, so I kind of like that.  

I have never been jealous of her success....  Until now... ;)

1) I love Lindsey Sterling's music.
2) I LOVE Josh Groban's voice.  I've been to one of his concerts.  He's amazing.
3) WHAT????  She got to perform with BOTH Josh Groban AND the Muppets??!?!   That's like my dream come true!!!   I have seriously LOVED the muppets for my whole life.  I can't believe that really happened for her!!

Now, I know I'll never perform with Josh Groban, seeing as how I have absolutely NO musical talent what-so-ever.  In fact, it reminds me of this muppets video clip:

I know "I don't got rhythm"...  but I do know that I've got an awesome dog that does some pretty cool tricks!

I started thinking about it...wondering if there was a way to make this a reality...

I know the Muppet Show is coming back this fall on ABC.  And I'm not sure if they're going to have shows with a lot of human interactions.  (Like they did on the the original Muppet Show.)  

But if they do... wouldn't be awesome if Jasmine and Rowlf the Dog could do a skit together??   Since Jasmine knows a bunch of "human-like" dog tricks- such as pushing a shopping cart, getting the mail from the mailbox, getting a drink from the fridge, etc.

Maybe she could teach Rowlf to "act like a dog!"   

Skit idea:  Perhaps Kermit could tell Rowlf he needs to reconnect with his roots- and find out what being a dog is really all about.  Then he could meet Jasmine, watch her do her human-like tricks, and in the end he'll realize he's just fine the way he is!  Because there are other dogs out there that act like humans.  (and Kermit can say "Sheesh!" just like he did in the old Muppet show!) 

I know this is just me wildly day-dreaming.  But I'm still going to tweet and email ABC/ Disney to see if there is the slightest possibility this could happen.  And if there's anything I've learned from all my years of being a Jim Henson fan, it's to never give up on your dreams. And to work hard to make them a reality.   So... I'm going to try it.  If you, my friends, are willing to help me...  will you please forward this blogpost to:

Or to whoever else you can think of that might help make this dream come true??  Might as well try!!


In case Kermit or Rowlf is reading this... here's how to get in touch with My Favorite Pup Jasmine  :)

    Email:   myfavpupjasmine@aol.com

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  1. I just sent it to the ABC feedback. I think this is a WONDERFUL idea! You are such a great person and you deserve for this to happen. Thank you for being my friend. <3 Ann