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Friday, November 29, 2013

Wedding Pics and Jasmine :)

 I think it's pretty obvious why I've been MIA for the past month.  :)   
 I just got married, so I took a break from blogging.  Obviously I had other things going on!!  

 I got my pictures back from the bridal shoot. (All taken by Paul Howalt Photography) There are some in here that I absolutely LOVE!!

(Like the one pictured above.)   That's probably one of my favorites with Jasmine in it.  :)

I like this one too... just walking along the temple grounds.  They were in the middle of putting up the Christmas lights.  But luckily, it wasn't too crowded the day we went to take pictures.

 I got this idea from Pinterest, and wanted to recreate it with Jasmine!

 I love this one too!!  One of my favorite pics!  Any guy I married was going to have to be a dog-lover. That's just a given!!  Jasmine is such a big part of my life.  We're kind of a package deal.  ;)  My new husband is very sweet, and Jaz just adores him.  (She snuggles with him more than she does with me!!)

 This one with the ring on Jasmine's nose turned out cute too.  I can't decide which I like better.

I like this black and white one- taken in front of the Mesa, Arizona LDS (Mormon) Temple.    I know Jasmine's not in it, but it's still going on my living room wall.  We had to take a few with just us as a couple!!  ;) 


  1. So, so pretty. And I mean all of you! I love the picture of you two with Jaz! She looks so proud! You two just look crazy in love and happy. Congratulations and may your love never ever fade. ALL of you!

  2. Congratulations. It looks like it was a beautiful day. I love your flowers! Lee and Phod and their Lady

  3. Your photos are just superb!!! Too adorable that Jasmine is in them too! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

  4. Best wishes to all three of you. It looks like a perfect match all the way around!