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Monday, November 12, 2012

Jasmine, the Therapy Dog, Visits the 3rd Grade!

I'm a little behind on writing about life on my blog!

But on Oct. 5th- Jasmine and I went to an elementary school to talk to the kids!

This was so fun.  We did this last year too.  

All the 3rd graders just finished reading the book "Rosie the Visiting Dog".... about a therapy dog who looks similar to Jasmine.

The teacher asked if Jasmine and I could come to the school so the children can meet a therapy dog in real life!  

We talked about our experiences at hospitals and retirement centers, and what exactly a therapy dog does  And why we like to volunteer there.

After a long period of question and answers, we did a little trick demo.  (Very similar to what we do at the children's hospital.)   

They just loved it!!

This is Jasmine's "Be Shy" trick.

Then Jasmine found a volunteer to demonstrate her "Cowboy Trick".   

We did a trick show for about 20 minutes, I just wasn't able to get many pics.

All in all, a very fun day hanging out with the 3rd Graders!!  :)  

Hopefully, these 3rd graders will remember the story they read a little better because of meeting my favorite pup Jasmine!


  1. You are a pawsome Therapy Dog Jazz! High paw! I bet the kids love your tricks!

  2. Oh I bet the children went crazy fur you Jaz! Well Done, Mummy wishes this happened when she was at school hehe
    Teddy xxx

  3. Wow, therapy dogs are just life savers. Lucky you for having Jasmine. She is one adorable pooch. Please post more images of her wearing those cute dog clothes. :)