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Friday, December 24, 2010

Early New Year's Resolutions!

Like every other person on this planet, one of our New Year's goals is to be more active. (A.K.A. EXERCISE!) It's hard for me to go to a gym because I get bored there, and Jasmine is always sad to see me leave. And besides- what's the point of having a dog, if you can't go walk your dog? Why shouldn't she get some good exercise too! So yesterday, we went to a high school and borrowed their bleachers. We played a game of chase. Jasmine and I would start at the bottom of the bleachers. I would say, "Ready..... set.... GO!!" And we'd both start racing up the stairs. The first few times we'd be about tied... then she would stop and go sniffing down a row. And I'd win. ;) But then I learned if I kept saying "Go, Go, Go!!" she'd race me to the top! And sometimes I'd win. And sometimes she'd win. But either way, it was some good exercise for both of us. By the end, we were both panting. But I felt good about what we had accomplished. And it was way more fun that doing a stairmaster at the gym!

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