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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tails Magazine Costume Contest Winner!! :)

Guess what!!!

Tails Magazine was having a photo contest called "Animals Dressed as Other Animals". I submitted a photo of Jasmine in her skunk costume, and in her cowboy/horse costume. And the skunk costume won!!! How cool is that?? Here's the link to the article! Check it out!


It's funny because Jasmine is only 4 years old (she'll be 5 in December.) But she owns way more than 4 Halloween costumes!! (At last count, she had 12!) They're just too cute to pass up! Plus, if you go to the stores the day after Halloween, they are always 50% off! (or more!) So you can't go wrong!

Jasmine really dislikes wearing the stinky skunk costume! So I only make her do it for a few pictures. When the kids come around trick-or-treating, she'll be wearing one of her other ones that she likes more.

She dislikes wearing things on her head. (Which is why she doesn't like the skunk costume!) But she's okay with little dresses or outfits.

We were looking at costumes for this Halloween, and here's some photos I took on my cell phone. (So they're not great quality.) We haven't decided on one just yet.

I think this dragon one is cute. (and Jaz didn't mind it)

This bug on is hilarious, but Jaz would never go for it! (Plus she can't see!) But she's a good sport, and just stands there to model it!

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