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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Petsmart's Grooming Breed Book! (Featuring Jasmine and Kaine!)

Last March, Jasmine was chosen to be in a photoshoot for Petsmart. They were creating a book for their grooming department called "Grooming Styles by Breed". I knew it was coming out in the fall, and have been eagerly waiting it's arrival! I kept asking my groomer at Petsmart if it has come in yet. She said she would call me when it did. Well... last week was the big day!

Now this book is sitting on the counters in the Petsmart's grooming salons in 1200 stores across the US and Canada!

If you flip to the letter "H" for Havanese, you'll see Jasmine- she's the model for the "Havanese- modified cut".

When she had to model for these pictures, I was standing behind the photographer with chicken and a squeaky bone!

She has to stand/sit on this white pedestal which was against a white backdrop. But the pictures turned out great! And it was really fun to do. The photographers at Petsmart were very nice. This was Jasmine's 1st photoshoot. I think she enjoyed it! (who wouldn't enjoy getting treated for just standing there!!)

It's cool because they even mentioned each dog's name in this book! :)

This is the day it came out. I went down right after work.

LEFT: Nice-looking, well groomed Jasmine
RIGHT: Scruffy, needs a bath Jasmine!

Our friend Ashley and her dog Kaine were chosen to be in it too! (If you check out the German Shepherd section!)

They were a big help to us. They went a few weeks before us, and told us all about the process. So we knew what to expect! (I was nervous/excited since it was our 1st photoshoot.)
But we were well-prepared thanks to Ashley& Kaine!

Here's what a Havanese looks like if they have a full-length show coat. Jaz would never allow me to keep her coat this length (and have it look nice!) She likes to run and play too much. She tends to get dreadlocks in her hair too. That's why it's nice keeping it short!

So... this was quite exciting for us. I think this grooming breed book is a great idea! This isn't the cut I normally choose for Jasmine, but now since this book has all the options, I can SHOW the groomer which cut I had in mind!

This book was a great idea- and I'm really thankful Jasmine got to be a part of it!! :)


  1. Hi,
    That's my dog, Tigger, as the long haired Havanese in the Petsmart book. he looked great with long hair, but he'd really rather play, learn new tricks, and agility than spend time being groomed, so he's clipped down now. He is also a registered therapy dog along with his Aunt Tuppence so they get to go to work with me.
    But they would like to join Jasmine on one of her excursions!

    Family Christian Counseling Center of Phoenix

    Email Edie

  2. i'm a groomer and it's nice to see the pup behind the picture, haha :) jasmine is adorable! i like to think we get other dog's coats looking quite close to that, but she has a wonderful one! would be much better to work with!