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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oliver gets adopted!!

For those of you who don't know the story... in February, we found some stray dogs in a Burger King parking lot. We named them Oliver and Annie (the Orphans). We got involved with a rescue organization, and agreed to foster both dogs until good homes could be found.

Well, on April 11th- Oliver found a new home!! We took both dogs to a big adoption event. Oliver, with his big goofy smile, was irresistible! He was such a good boy!!! I was so happy to see him go to a good home!! He went home with a great guy named Jim who just adores him. (and how can you not!?)

Oliver has now been renamed "Mr. Wiggles"- because when he wags his tail, he wags his butt, then he does this excited little body jig. It's very cute!! So he earned his new name! (Besides- he's not an orphan anymore, so he needs a new name!)

So now it's just Annie that needs a home! She's just barely over a year old, and still has lots of puppy energy. She loves to go on bike rides and walks. She is crate trained, so if anyone is interested in adopting her, contact Lou...

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