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Friday, April 16, 2010

Mighty Dog Movie & Premiere Party!

Here's the Mighty Dog Movie- starring Jasmine, Jesse, and Mater!

And here's some clips from her Premiere Party! (Courtesy of Mighty Dog!)

They jazzed it up a bit (lol)... meaning... Jaz was SOOOOOO tired that night!! We had gotten up early that morning to do a 5 hour photo shoot. (So she was wiped out by this party!) At the beginning of the party, they took tons of pictures. Most of them involved Jaz laying her head on my shoulder... She's a sweetie. =) But by the end of the night, she perked up enough to do some tricks.

This was quite an amazing experience for us. Some of my family and friends got to ride over with us in the limo. (Our 1st limo ride.) The party was awesome! It was with all my dog-loving friends, who've always been so supportive of Jasmine. It was a wonderful night. And I REALLY appreciated everyone who drove all the way out to Phoenix on a Wed. night just to come to a dog party! *But I think they made it worth their while! It was a fun party, with good food, friendly people, and everyone went home with a gift bag w/ a movie poster, dog food, a kong (dog toy), and other stuff. It was just a great night.

It's really weird to think this is all over! :( It's been going on for about a year. (Since we entered that contest last summer.) What a wild, amazing ride. Winning the contest, making the commercial, the movie, the photo shoot, and now finally... celebrating with all my friends at the premiere party. That marks the end of an amazing adventure for my little mighty dog. It was a lot of work, but what a fun experience!!!

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