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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lure Coursing- SO MUCH FUN!

Another thing that was new to me (and Jaz) was Lure Coursing! (Their motto is Trust us, they'd rather be Lure Coursing!) And it's TRUE! This event is a combination of racing and agility, where the dog chases a little fox tail on a wire. At first I wasn't sure if Jasmine would go for it... she's never done anything like this. But when it took off, she started chasing it! She got about 2 jumps away, then stopped and looked back- as if to say "Where's my mommy??"
I went out on the course to encourage her. I told her to "go get it!!" and that was all she needed. She took off chasing it again, and had a blast. She was SUPER focused on the fox tail (as you can tell from this picture!) It was so much fun!

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