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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Agility Fun Run! CynoSport 2009

I finally uploaded the video from our day at CynoSport- doing a Fun Run Agility Course! (Jasmine just started Agility class in September, so we're both new at this.) It's really fun though!

This was our first time at Cynosport, but definitely not our last! We had a blast that day hanging out with our friends Ashley (and her dog Kaine- the German Shepherd) and Heather (and her dog Jesse- the Jack Russell Terrier). Jesse and Kaine tried dock-diving. (into a tank of water). Jasmine would have nothing to do with that! She hates the water!

All the dogs did the Agility Fun Run, the Lure-Coursing, then slept while we watched the real Agility Competition. It was such a fun day!

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