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Monday, October 19, 2009

Jaz's 1st Celebrity Appearance!

Want to hear an interesting story about what a small world this really is? Last month, Jasmine was on the cover of a magazine. This was a free magazine mailed to a specific demographic in Gilbert.

A few weeks later, I got an email from an old friend named Raelene. (who I haven't seen in a few years). She works as a behavioral therapist for a little boy named Max who has autism. Their family had received this magazine in the mail, and their little boy became obsessed with the dog on the cover. He kept asking her to read the article to him, over and over. After reading the article, she realized she knew me, and emailed me- wanting to know if Max could meet Jasmine. Max gets to put beans in a jar when he has good behaviors (like doing his chores?), and when the jar is full- he gets a reward. So last Tuesday, for his big reward, Max and his sister got to come meet Jaz!
This was Jasmine's 1st requested guest appearance a "celebrity". She did all her tricks for Max and his sister- and they loved it. He giggled and smiled the whole time. It was so cute. He even helped out with the tricks- like by holding the hula hoop. So that was fun. Here is a sample of some of the tricks that Max saw:

So- it was a fun night. :) This made me want to finish getting Jaz certified as a therapy dog. We started... we just never finished! (Got side-tracked a little bit by the commercial gig!)

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