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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jaz is on the Sept. cover of Go Gilbert magazine!

YEAH!! It's finally out!! Jaz is on the cover of Go Gilbert magazine!! I was quite impressed with the article they did about her! It's 4 pages all about Jaz and dog training. (starting on page 32) To read it, go to http://www.gogilbert.com/
And I LOVE these pictures they took!! (ESPECIALLY the one above!) That one is my favorite! I laughed when I saw the 2nd photo below (taken outside). Jaz had gotten a drink of water, and the bottom of her right ear is wet! And although I think the red bows are adorable, Jaz has already lost one of them. So now-a-days, she's sporting a hot pink bandanna. :D


  1. Totally PAWSOME!! Way to go Jasmine and CJ!! =O) The article was wonderful, and the pictures are fantastic ;o) Are you two getting excited about the Mighty Dog taping?

  2. Congratulations Jasmine and CJ! The article and pictures are incredible! Would you be able to send us a copy of the magazine?

    Ashley & Kaine