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Monday, May 1, 2017

A Dog's Purpose

Chewy and Jasmine were part of my viewing audience!  I got excited when I was asked to do a movie review for "A Dog's Purpose"!    We even received a special advanced copy!  (It will be released in stores on Blue Ray and DVD on Tues. May 2nd)

If you haven't heard of it yet, it's based on the excellent book "A Dog's Purpose" by  W. Bruce Cameron.

This is a movie that will tug on your heartstrings.  I'm not sure how much to write without having to give spoiler alerts.  Just so you're not mad at me #SpoilerAlert.  (There- now I'm safe!)  ;)
It's a cool story.  It's from the dog's point of view.  The main story is about a dog named Bailey (the golden retriever on the cover).  And his adventures with his boy Ethan.  The story follows their life together.  And then (hope this isn't a spoiler alert).... ***stop reading if you don't want to know!!**
(Or scroll to the end to enter the give-away to win a copy of the movie for yourself!)

(Random picture of Chewy to prevent accidentally reading the rest.)

I won't say too much about about the movie, because I think you should watch it for yourself.  But after Bailey's life is over, he is reincarnated as another dog... this time a German Shepherd named Ellie!  The storyline follows his life and the difference he makes in the life of his humans.  It's a really sweet story.  Especially the end.  (But again, I don't want to give anything away.)

I was watching the extras when they interviewed W. Bruce Cameron (the author).  And there is an interesting back story to how this book came about.  His girlfriend's dog had just passed away, and she was heartbroken.  They were driving, and this whole story came to him.  He said in the past when he's written a novel, it comes a little at a time.  Bruce said it was like this whole story was downloaded into his brain.  And he just told her the whole story for about 1 1/2 hours while they were driving.  

Anyone who is an animal lover will really appreciate this story.  Bruce also said that with his other books, he's had fans.  But he's never had fans like this.  (Dog lovers are a very loyal breed of humans in my opinion.)  

So- all in all, we give this movie 2 paws up.  :)

Photo Credit:  Sara Carson
Featuring:  Just Jesse the Jack
Hero the Border Collie
My Favorite Pup Jasmine

The movie is getting released on DVD/ Blue Ray/ On Demand on Tuesday, May 2nd.  So if you don't win my rafflecopter give-away (below), then you can just get yourself a copy.

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*Rafflecopter give-away open to US residents only.  Void where prohibited by law.  Must be 18 or older to participate (or have parent's permission).  Sweepstakes end: 5/9/17 @ 12 am.  Prize is 1 DVD of "A Dog's Purpose". (Approx. retail value: $19.99)  Winner selected at random by rafflecopter.

If you follow Jasmine's blog, you know that I occasionally do product reviews.  I will only work with companies that I feel would have quality products.  I only review products that I will personally use or give my dogs.  (or in this case.... watch!)  ;)
This is just my honest feedback about what I think.


  1. So proud of you both, all the wonderful accolades are so richly deserved. xo

  2. So looking forward to watching this movie...and crying. This has been a tough 12 months for me, I lost Jenks to cancer 11 months ago, and I adopted Kai & then lost him to caner as well. I know these souls were brought into my life for a reason.....and I love and miss all my boys....

  3. I wanted to see this movie when it was in the theaters, but missed it because my dad was in the hospital.

  4. I've got many favorite memories with my dog, Asta!! I guess a top one would be when she graduated puppy training. She was so cute in her little graduation cap and caught on really quickly to the commands, although now she is a one trick doggy. She like to roll over for any and all commands...so hilarious!!

  5. I don't have a dog. I need to find a hypoallergenic dog that never poops!

  6. I don't have a dog but I love dog movies and would love to see this movie.

  7. My favorite memory of my dog is when I want to watch the 5pm news, my basset hound will not let me. He gets all excited and starts to bark and I have to take him outside for a walk. He must not like me watching the news!

  8. My favorite memory is going to the beach with my dog

  9. Hmmm so many memories ~ I would have to choose my lab, Shyla, because when we got her she fit in my hand and when she left us (rainbow) she was a pillow to my three kids. I remember her learning how to play ball with my youngest son in our hallway, all the laughter filled my heart.

  10. My best is when i first got my friend he was apuppy we do everything togeather he plays frisby an loves to go on vookouts with us