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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sophia Maxim Design Collars = AWESOME

Every now and then, Jasmine and I get asked to do a product review.    As you know, I'm pretty selective of which companies I will do this for.  I research the company before I'll agree to it, because I don't want to do a review on a product that I wouldn't want my own dog to try.

So I when I was asked to do a review for a Sophia Maxim Collar, I checked out their website.   Everything was made in the USA.  It said they were tough and durable.  (which is necessary if you know my dog!)  And I immediately liked their bold colors and patterns.  I got to pick out which collar I wanted Jaz to try.  (Which was the hardest part!!)  I eventually picked the "Amalfi Sunrise"  (the pink/purple/orange one.)  I thought that would look the best against Jasmine's dark hair.

Aside from being pretty... the truly unique thing that makes these collars stand out is the dog ID tag.  It's incorporated onto the collar.  The dog's name and phone # are engraved on it.  So when Jasmine itches or shakes her head, you don't hear the jingle sound of the name tag!  (Which I think is brilliant.) 

 Chewy wakes me up every morning when he shakes and his collar jingles.  My sister-in-law takes her 2 dogs' collars off because they are too noisy.  (But I don't do that, because I worry about the dogs accidentally getting out without their collars.) 
 Jasmine is micro-chipped, but not everyone knows to take the dog to a vet to check for it.  So I like knowing that her name and phone # are easily found.  (And if she somehow loses her collar, the microchip is my back-up.)   Her dog ID tag has already been used once.  A few years ago, Jaz was visiting over at my parents' house.  She was in the backyard with Toddy.  Well, someone accidentally left the back gate open. And Jaz and Toddy decided to go on an adventure.  A jogger found them and called my cell phone, and I immediately went to pick up my canine explorers.  So- after that experience- my phone # is ALWAYS easily accessible on Jaz's collar.
 So I'd say that is the best feature of these collars.  Having the security of knowing my dog's contact info is on the collar, but the luxury of not having to listen to the jingling dog tags.  (And yes, I did buy one of those rubber "silencer" things that fit around the dog tag for Chewy.  It doesn't help much.)    So I may have to get him a Sophia Maxim collar, just so I can sleep in on Saturday mornings!!

This is the one I picked out for Jasmine.  I think it's really cute.  :)

If she wasn't so hairy right now, you could get a better view of the collar!  (Which is why I included some pics from the Sophia Maxim Design website!)  Jaz needs another haircut, so she can show off her new collar!  :)

If you're interested in getting one of these collars, be sure to tell them you are friends with Jasmine!  (and that will give you 20% off!)   :) 
 Just enter the discount code:  SMD1001 when you are checking out.    

FYI- We didn't receive any financial compensation for this blogpost.  They just sent us the collar to see what we thought.  Here's my official review:  Two paws up from Jasmine.  Stylish and Practical.  Exactly what I like.    :)

Sophia Maxim Designs

Website:  http://www.sophiamaximdesign.com/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/sophiamaxim
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/sophiamaximdesign?fref=ts

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