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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Birthday Party Trick Show

Last Saturday, we performed at a little girl's 7th birthday party!  We did a trick show in the park!  It turned out really cute.  :)    

Here's some highlights from our show:

After each show, I have the kids line up.  

So they can take turns either petting Jasmine or shaking her hand.  (I usually limit it to one kid at a time.  But obviously, this was a new trick.  Two handshakes at once!)   Jaz isn't even looking at the kids.  She's staring at the treats in my hand!  Lol.

After they pet her, each kid gets a stamp on their hand if they want one.  This is Jasmine's "Pawtograph"!  It's Jasmine's real paw print.  My friend had this made into a stamp for me as  Christmas present.  (And we get a lot of use out of it!!)   :)

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