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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#Blogpaws- ready or not, here we come!

I'm so excited!  In 2 days, we'll be leaving to go to Tyson's Corner, Virginia for our 2nd BlogPaws convention!!  We're going to reunited with all our BP friends, and take classes to learn a ton of new stuff!  

This year, we just get to go as a participant!    Last year, we co-taught a class on "The Power of YouTube" along with Lauren (and Paige) and Eldad Haagar (from Hope for the Paws).  It was such a great experience!!  We really wanted to go back!
Last year, Jasmine also won an award for the "Best Video" for her Santa Paws- Santa's Little Helper video!
She was nominated again this year for a different therapy dog video (Jasmine visits the Elementary School) , so it will be fun to see what happens!  They have a big formal banquet dinner/ award cerimony on Saturday night.  For me, it's just fun to be a part of the whole experience.  And since I'm no longer the newbie, I kind of know what to to do this year!  LOL.  (Last year when Jaz won, we had to go up on stage and give an acceptance speech.)   I was TOTALLY unprepared for that, because I didn't think there was any chance of us winning!  This year, even if we don't win, at least I know it's a possiblity, so I won't be so blindsided!  LOL
I'm excited to just go and enjoy ourselves! (No stress!) (Well, other than traveling with a dog!)
I'm kind of nervous about that.  Jaz has flown with me a lot- for different TV shows and conventions.  But this will be the first time we have a lay-over.  :(   We couldn't take a direct flight because Jasmine only fits under the seats of Delta airlines.  And they don't fly directly to Washington DC.  So, I had the choice to go without Jaz.  (But come on... what's the point?)  ;)   Or travel with Jaz- trying our luck on a connecting flight.   (Let's just keep our fingers crossed there are no delays.)
Traveling with a dog is always an adventure!  But... once we get there, it's going to be GREAT!  :)
Look out BLOGPAWS... ready or not... here we come!!  ;)


  1. Have fun and Happy flying!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  2. It was great meeting you at Blog Paws this year!