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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jaz is going to be on TV in Denmark!!

I just got an email from a TV Producer in Denmark! (who originally contacted me through YouTube.)
She wants to feature Jasmine on a TV show in Feb or March of 2013.  I agreed to it, but the down side is... I'll never see it!   Does anyone know anyone who lives in Denmark who could possibly record it for me?  :)

Here's what I know about the show  (from our email communications):

"The show is prime-time Saturday evening entertainment for the whole family. Scheduled for 20.00 pm, in the spring season of 2013.

The show is to be aired on TV 2 Danmark, which is by far the largest commercial broadcaster in Denmark.

The format is a panel show, where two teams of celebrity contestants comment and quiz on YouTube-clips.

The host is a famous Danish actor and comedian. He will guide the viewers, the studio audience and the two teams through a fun, physical and unpredictable comedy-quiz. We have chosen the funniest, craziest and cutest clips from all over the Internet, and they will serve as the foundation for lots of laughs and comical deliberation from the host and contestants."

Sooooooo..... that's all I know!  I did give permission for them to use Jasmine's clips, but I'm not sure which ones they will pick.  
Now we can add Denmark to the list of TV appearances!   Thus far, Jaz has been on TV internationally in Japan, England, and soon Denmark.  (That I know of!)  Pretty fun!  I just hope somehow someone is able to get me a copy of the show.  If anyone knows someone in Denmark, please let me know!!  :)

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