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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fidose of Reality article- "How To Get Your Dog on TV and in Print Media"

Jaz has been in newspapers and featured on blogs quite a few times. And although they mean well, reporters tend to mix up the facts. And there's usually something inaccurate in every article written about us. .... Except this one!! This is the best article written about Jaz yet!!

This article describes Jaz PERFECTLY!!! I just loved it. I had to smile when I read the line about how Jasmine exuded happiness (which she does). The author met Jasmine during our recent trip to BarkWorld in Atlanta. So she got to know Jaz personally!

I like how the article focused on how we train with positive reinforcement. Because this is how I wish all dog-human relationships could be. Jaz REALLY does like to do her tricks. Because she was trained with positive reinforcement (Clicker training), she wants to do these things to earn the reward. (And will even try doing her tricks resume without being asked.) Especially if you are eating chicken or cheese. Those are her 2 favorite things.

It makes me laugh when a guest comes to the house, and if they bend down, Jaz will jump on their back. (Which usually catches them off-guard!) Then I have to explain that she wants a pony ride over to the treat counter!! (This has happened more than once!)

And I love that Fidose of Reality included some of Jasmine's trick videos. You really have to just see it for yourself. Then you can see how eager she is to do these tricks. :)

Thank you Fidose of Reality for featuring Jasmine in your article. :) It made my day.

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