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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm sure you all know by now that Jaz was cast as the "stray dog" in the play "Annie".
I can't tell you how fun this has been!! Opening night was just magical! There was such a fun energy. Kids and dogs always steal the show. And since "Annie" is all about kids and dogs... it was fabulous! I absolutely loved being a part of all of it!!

This is Annie with her doggy co-stars! Sandy (Abbie) and the stray dog (Jaz)
These little girls just LOVE Jaz and Sandy. Our dogs can't walk down the hall without a dozen hands reaching out to pet them!
These kids are just so incredibly talented! I LOVE this play!! It's so cool being a part of it! And since Jaz is only in the first scene, I get to be the Sandy's other dog handler. When she has a part to go across the stage, her owner Stephanie releases her and she comes to me in the opposite wing. So it's really fun. Jasmine and Sandy even have their own curtain call! We each come out and the dogs take a bow!
These are all the adorable orphans. "It's a Hard-Knock Life" for them!

After each show, all the actors (and dog actors) go out into the lobby to have their pictures taken and give autographs.Since Jaz and Abbie haven't learned how to sign their names yet, the have a paw print stamp as their "pawtograph"! The kids just adore it! There's always a ton of kids swarming around wanting to get a stamp and their picture taken with the dogs. We stamp the PlayBill, but often the kids want a stamp on their hand too!

This past weekend, Jaz had a rose delivered to her in her dressing room! Our friend Christina came to see the show. She was so sweet. She got Jaz and I each a rose. :) One was addressed to me, from Christina. One was to Jaz, from Indy. (Which is Christina's dog!) ;)This has been such a good experience. And I've been wondering something lately. When an actor goes out on stage, you say 'break a leg' instead of 'good luck'.
When a dog actor goes out on stage, do you say 'break all 4 legs"? Is that how you wish a dog good luck? ;)

Annie is playing all through the month of June at the Herberger Theatre in downtown Phoenix. As you can probably tell, I HIGHLY recommend it! (and not just cuz Jaz has a small part in it!)

It's a wonderful play with wonderfully talented kids and dogs. Definitely worth checking out. :)


  1. Sounds wonderful. I wish you guys were playing in Florida!

  2. Great Job you guys!!!
    looks like an awesome group of performers :)

  3. What a wonderful experience for all of you. The pictures are great.