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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Barkworld Speaker??

Wow, I feel really honored. Earlier this week, I got an email asking if I would consider being a speaker at this year's BarkWorld Convention/Expo! http://www.barkworldexpo.com/

They saw Jasmine's "Dog Goes Shopping" video and loved it. And they want me to just talk about our experience- how Jasmine's popularity has grown through social media- YT, Facebook, etc. And how to instill creativity to create unique videos.

And I thought about it. My philosophy for Jasmine's videos is similar to the famous quote from the movie "Field of Dreams". **"If you build it, they will come."**

So instead of being one of those people who ask for subs on YouTube... I just try to put up interesting videos that people would want to subscribe to. Because to me, the # of subscribers you have doesn't mean much. A lot of people do that "Sub 4 Sub" thing on YouTube. (which I won't participate in) I don't just want a high # of subscribers. I want the people who subscribe to honestly enjoy Jasmine's videos... whatever the # might be. So I focus more on the content. And connecting with the true dog-lovers on YT and FB.

So they want me to talk about that. And our experience- how Jasmine originally won that online contest with Mighty Dog. And how she was featured in a commercial, photoshoot, and on their website. Which lead to being on TV (local news) and newspaper articles. Then how we auditioned and got accepted by 2 animal talent agencies. (one in CA, one in AZ) And the opportunities we've had so far. All the way to me becoming a freelance writer for Havanese Breed magazine. This all started because of social media.

So... I guess I'm going to be going to Atlanta this fall! It's funny because I didn't start off as a professional dog trainer. This all just happened gradually. But I guess that's what people can relate to. The good news is that Jaz is invited to go with me! =) So it should be fun!

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