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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Help for my human friend- a cancer survivor

Although this is a non-dog related post... this is a friend of Jasmine's. And therefore, I wanted to share it with all of Jasmine's other friends.

I have a friend named Leah Lowe that I have known since high school. In June 2010, she was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma. At that time she was the bread winner as her husband decided to change careers and went back to school. She underwent 6 months of chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant. And thus far, it's looking good. She's now at 70 days out of transplant, but is still not cleared to be able to work. (She has to wait until 100 days after the transplant for that.)

Recently, her family was nominated and chosen by an organization called "Memories of Love" to receive a Walt Disney World Vacation package! They are providing hotel accommodations and Park Passes. However, they do not cover the travel expenses to get from Arizona to Florida. So originally they thought it was a dream come true... until they realized how much it would cost to get their family of 6 to Florida.

Leah has gone through so much... and like one of her friend's recently said- she's pretty much "a walking miracle!" We're so glad she is still with us, and want to be able to help send her family to Disney World... so they can enjoy some happy memories together as a family. (Leah and her husband have 4 children.)

So we set up a paypal account that people can donate to. It's probably going to cost about $3,000 to get the whole family down to Florida. But we were figuring that if we could just get the word out... maybe her friends could each chip in a little... and maybe our friends can chip in a little... and we can make this dream come true for her!

(P.S. If you know her kids, you're not allowed to tell them this is a possibility! This is going to be a surprise!)

So... please help us spread the word and raise funds to send Leah and her family to Florida!

Here's the link to the paypal account: (you might have to cut and paste it.)


Thank you so much!!!

Leah- after 6 rounds of chemo
Leah- and her loving family - Dec 2010 :)

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