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Monday, September 6, 2010

Doggie Roulette website!

I got an email from a website called "Doggie Roulette" that said they are going to be featuring Jasmine's "Dog Goes Shopping" video!! =)

Check it out!

www.doggieroulette.com , then click on "Daily Top 10" and look for "Dog Goes Shopping". (For some reason, the blog isn't letting me save the link!)

Right now Jaz is featured on the Daily Top 10, and just made the "Weekly Top 10" list! Who knows... if enough people 'like' her video, she may make it to the "Overall Top 10" list! =)

I don't know how this website found Jaz's video- but I think it's cool that they are featuring it!

It's funny, but this video has had more views than her other trick videos that I've had up for a year! So... it looks like I need to make more skit videos- rather than just a collection of tricks. Because they're more enjoyable to watch. (For the casual dog-enthusiast!) For us dog-addicts, we'll watch anything with a dog in it!! ;) If you have any great ideas for other plots, let me know!! =)

1 comment:

  1. CJ! That is SO EXCITING that you got an email about your video being featured!! Jaz has so many fans!! :)

    The link might work if you put the http:// in front of the www.doggieroulette.com

    I am so happy that Jaz has almost 4000 views on youtube in such a short time!! :)

    Well done you two!!! :)