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Friday, November 21, 2014

Favorite Animal Movies?

Who gets to pick the movies in your house?  Jasmine has commandeered the TV remote control.  She'll probably be watching a lot of Animal Planet while I'm gone at work!

Dog TV Remote Control
I am compiling a list of really good animal movies to watch during the holidays.

I have my Top 10 list completed I think.  But I'm wondering if I've missed any.

What are your favorite animal movies to watch?  (Live action or animated?)

Super Buddies

I probably watch dog movies different than other people.  I'm usually watching to get new trick ideas.  Or wondering how they filmed that.  (Because as you know I like to make YouTube dog movies with Jasmine!)   I'm always on the look-out for new ideas!  :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Do you have a talented dog?

2 years ago, I made a trick dog video montage of "Dogs Playing Basketball".  I had my trick dog friends from all over the world send me videos of their dogs playing basketball!  (I love it because it shows dogs of all different breeds and sizes!)

Now, we're finally ready to do another one.  We're making a new video about DANCING DOGS!!  (We're looking for any freestyle dance move- or any trick that looks like dancing.)
I'd love to get as many dog breeds as possible.  

If you want your dog to be in it- record your dog doing any dance move, and send a clip thru Dropbox to getconnected@mchsi.com or upload it to YouTube and email it Cindy at getconnected@mchsi.com.   Thanks!  :)

A couple of hints- try to film in open space with good lighting.  Tripods or a friend with a steady hand helps out a lot!  Also- this is going to be an all dog film!  So no humans (unless it's just a leg or hand!)   Let me know if you have any other questions!   I'm looking forward to seeing your pups!!  :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

How To Survive Halloween Night with a Dog

I got a cool opportunity recently!

I was asked to write a guest post on Petco's community page about Halloween!

You probably already know how much I enjoy Halloween, and dressing up in costumes.   Jaz  has a lot of opportunities to use her different costumes.  I was going to write about all her different costumes, and the different places we use them.

But instead, the blog post was about Chewy.  Crazy dog Chewy.  And how to survive Halloween with a dog who goes crazy every time the doorbell rings.  Here's my advise:


Friday, October 24, 2014

A Dog Halloween- Tricks AND Treats

It's FINALLY done!!!   Halloween has gone to the dogs!  

Here's our newest Halloween dog trick video!  Feel free to share it you like it!

Why settle for trick-OR-treat when you can have Tricks AND Treats?!  :D

Enjoy!!  :D

Friday, October 3, 2014

Adventures in Dog-Walking

My brother and sister-in-law (and kids) asked us to dog-sit while they were out of town.  They have 2 very large Goldendoodles! Ringo (male)  and Francie (female).  And I have a very small house.  So even though there are only four dogs, it feels like more.

Because I have a small house and now three large dogs (and one little energetic dog), I got the crazy idea in my head to try and take them all on a walk!  It was quite the adventure.   Here's the staring line up.

 We made is as far as the driveway before Chewy saw another dog and went crazy.  (He has some bad manners of barking and rushing at other dogs.  We're working on that!!  He's a work-in-progress.)  So we all went back in the house to calm down, untangle the leashes, and reorder the pack  It was darker when we attempted it the 2nd time, so less likely to run into other dogs being walked.

Here's the finishing line up.  The girls on the outside, and the boys in the middle.  Francie is more nervous and likes to hang back by me.  Jaz likes to do her own thing... keep up with the big dogs or stop and smell the roses.  (and maybe pee on them.)  And the boys are my sled dogs.  They can just go, go, go.  This order seemed to work, and we made it around the block.  Then one of my good friends came over and walked the girls, so I could just concentrate on the boys.  It was a beautiful thing.  Thank goodness for good friends!!

In the end, all the dogs were tired and listening pretty well.  So I call that a success.

Tomorrow's adventure:  Bath-time for 4 dogs?  Or then again, maybe not!!

P.S.  While we were walking down the street, I had the 1st verse to the Monkees theme song stuck in my head!!  I wonder why??  ;)

Here we come... 
Walking down the street...
We get the funniest looks from...
Everyone we meet....


Friday, September 19, 2014

101 Dog Tricks for Kids- reviewed by Jasmine

True that!!  I'm always searching for new trick ideas for Jasmine!  When I first started trick training, I constantly was referring to our "101 Dog Tricks" book for ideas.  (Which I liked because they rate the tricks according to difficulty and also give you trouble-shooting hints.)

So now there's a new book out called "101 Dog Tricks for Kids".    It's got the same vivid, bright pictures to catch your attention.  In addition to trick ideas, it also has easy craft projects for kids.  (and adults, I might add!)  If I still worked at a day care, I would totally be stealing some of these project ideas. 

It also has practical advise.  For example, it teaches a "trick" called "Be A Tree", which teaches how to get your dog to not jump on you.  (Very much needed advice- especially for young kids!)

We do a lot of trick show for kids.  So now I can tell them where I got my ideas!  :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Senior Citizens Enjoying Dog Tricks by Jasmine!

Good things happen when you FINALLY get around to replacing your laptop battery!!   I found some old footage of Jasmine that I'm making into new trick videos!   Here's one we just uploaded...

We've done tricks shows for practically every age group now.  And they're all pretty fun.  Jasmine gets so excited when I get out ALL of her props, and start cutting up treats.  She knows we're going to do a show! 

This was a fun show to do.  We were asked to perform at a Senior Living Center, in honor of a woman's 96th b-day!!!   We did the trick show, then afterwards I took Jasmine around so that everyone could pet her.  They told me about the dogs they used to have.  It was very sweet.  Jasmine is a therapy dog, and loves people.  

Here's a recap of the show we did.  I think everyone enjoyed it.  (Including us.)